Talanoa ʻA E Kafataha

By Sitiveni Halapua


This book explores the Talanoa notion of kafataha, which describes a holistic understanding of justice and conflict in the minds of individual women and men.

Written in Tongan.


How can we best adapt to the changing needs of the fonua? How do we measure justice and conflict and the environment of peace and stability?


One of the most influential philosophical voices in Tonga today, Dr. Sitiveni Halapua proposes a new way of shaping political decision-making so that it accommodates more justice and less conflict now and into the future. 

Written in Tongan. 

Pages : 20

Author : Sitiveni Halapua

Bind : Paperback

ISBN 978-0-473-28125-0

RRP $10.00

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